A Hotel Connecting you
to Inuyama in Japan

The streetscape, tradition and beauty which have stayed the same since the Edo Period are preserved in Inuyama Castle Town even today.

We sincerely hope this hotel will connect as many people as possible to Inuyama in Japan.
We are certain you can feel the tenderness and gentleness unique to Japan.

Message we Want to Convey in our Logo

Our logo represents an everlasting connection between people.
The bold portion of the line stands for the image of Inuyama Castle standing still on a mountain, and the thin portion for that of the Kiso River flowing at its foot.

The peaches, which are a specialty in our town, have been believed to drive away evil spirits since ancient times. A tiny peach drawn below is meant to protect our guests.


A Hotel with Stand-Alone Cottages in a Castle Town

Below the national treasure-designated Inuyama Castle is a streetscape lined with old houses with an atmosphere that makes you feel the history.

In a corner of this castle town, you can spot a new hotel with a nostalgic ambience which offers stand-alone cottages.
The stand-alone cottage enables you to experience Inuyama comfortably in your own way.

Quaint space

Passing through the ‘Sukiyamon’ (an entrance gate to a tea room) and proceeding along the ‘Ishidatami’ (a stone pavement), you will be welcomed by the ‘Tuskubai’ (a stone washbasin placed in the corner of packed earthen floor in front of an entrance to a tea room).

Going further through a space surrounded by seasonal trees, you will be led to elaborately designed cottages.
Inviting you to escape from everyday hustle and bustle into a mysteriously relaxing, elegant time.Immerse yourself in an extraordinary space, and spend time as you please.

Encounter with Inuyama Traditions

Inuyama-yaki pottery, of which ‘Akae’ (in which pieces are decorated with red phoenixes and flowers) and ‘Unkinde’ (in which a single piece of pottery is decorated with cherry blossoms and autumn leaves) are characteristic, dates back to the Edo Period.

Paper lanterns decorating ‘Yoyama’ floats in Inuyama Festival are really splendid.Why don’t you have a firsthand experience with traditional crafts that support the history and culture of Inuyama.

Your extraordinary experience with Inuyama starts from the moment you step into our hotel.